For Such a Time as This

23 01 2009

This quote taken from Esther 4:14 is our theme for 2009. 


 The greatest lesson that we learn from Esther is what can happen when preparation meets opportunity and how when we move past our fear and allow faith to be our guide, all things are possible.

 Just think about it, we have had an opportunity to witness real live Esther’s among us!


How about when Rosa Parks sat on the front of that bus? Do you think Ms. Rosa thought that day when she sat on that bus that her tired determination would begin a movement?


Or how about Dr. Martin Luther King and the launch of the Civil Right Movement.  Do you think Dr. King, as a 24 year old, newly appointed pastor thought as he was moving to Selma Alabama to begin at his new church that he would be the leader of a MAJOR Movement?  Do you think that on that day when he received the call to attend a meeting about what happened to Rosa Parks that he knew in that meeting, he would be elected President of the Montgomery Improvement Association?  Yes his election to the Montgomery Bus Boycott was the match that lit the fire to the Civil Rights Movement.


Or how about Ms. Oprah Winfrey. Do you think when Oprah was a reporter some years ago in Baltimore, making roughly $22,000 a year, that she thought not only would she be hosting her own national TV show one day but she would also be leading a movement for women to “Live their Best Lives”?


Or even President Barak Obama.  Do you think when he was working as a community organizer on the South Side of Chicago that he knew that his grassroots work with the residents in that community would translate to him one day becoming the 1st African American President?


I can indeed go on and on… The point is, they all were prepared when opportunity came to their doorstep.  So how do WE get prepared


I believe we function in a preparatory spirit by working everyday at our MAXIMUM toward our purpose, our dream, our goal (s).  It may mean doing phenomenal work at your current job until you get the break through to start your own business or make the right contact for the next position.  Or it could mean, going back to school, buying that home?  Whatever that may be, as we each have our own goals, desires, dreams.     


Working in a preparatory sprit also calls us to keep our focus, determination, perseverance and not becoming distracted or diverted.  It means that when our preparation meets that opportunity, we too may have our very own “For Such a Time As This” moment.  Truthfully, I believe we each WILL come to our very own “For Such a Time As This” moment so the thought for us to ponder with this MAXIMIZE Moment is

Are we prepared?


Or are we taking steps toward preparation?


Tell us your thoughts on what getting or being prepared means to you.




11 responses

23 01 2009
Milca Matos

I could not agree with you more! This is a time to get up and get what’s been promised to us!! What a great word of encouragement – both by radio and by blog. I bless your mouth and declare that the best is yet to come as you embark on this journey to inspire.

With much love and gratitude for having you in my village,

23 01 2009
Dion Evans

Looks good. So far so good… Keep up the great work on teh blog!!!

23 01 2009
Adrienne Jones

Fantastic!! Congratulations. You are doing a great job. Your contributions to young African American women are outstanding.
You go girl!!

23 01 2009
M Chandler

As represented by the aforementioned leaders in your article, some people prepare for their greatness and others fall into their greatness. Having a desire or purpose for something along with faith prepares you for opportunity.

For me the most significant part of your article is where you write, “…..keep our focus, determination, and perseverence and not [become] distracted or diverted.” You hit it on the nail! I would add, “…while being guided by helping others along the way and being a vessel of grace, which is what Ms. Rosa Parks, Dr. King, Oprah, and President Obama have all achieved. That is greatness. My favorite phrase of Ms. Oprah Winfrey is when she says, she wants to make a difference in someone’s life. How significant…. – Montrese Chandler

Thank you, Nicole! I look forward to your articles. Continued Blessings.

23 01 2009
Jeanette Conrad-Ellis

What a wonderful blog idea! This is definitely needed. I’m looking forward to blogging with women who are also striving to maximize their moment and live their lives with purpose (and on purpose) every day. God bless Nicole for her vision and ability to execute her God given talents! There is plenty of room at the top of the pyramid for those of us who are willing to approach our maximize journey one brick at a time. Let’s all remember to reach back and lift someone else up as we climb. Helping someone accomplish her purpose will help push us to our purpose. Share tips, ideas, prayers and love. It’s good karma.

25 01 2009
Stephanie J Anderson

Congrats on your launch, Nicole! I’m planning to see the movie Slum Dog Millionaire for the second time this weekend. It’s a fictional, but very inspiring, story of preparation meeting opportunity. The film also reminds me that we are part of a global community. Maximizing our moments as African American women may mean helping out, and learning from, our sisters in other parts of the world.

25 01 2009

What a GREAT example of when preparation meets opportunity. I simply loved that movie and never thought about how all the character went through did indeed bring him to his “For Such a Time as This Moment”. I am trying not to spoil the movie for those of you who have not seen it so I will leave it at that 😉

Thank you for sharing your insight!!

28 01 2009

Great word! I’m determined to be prepared when that moment comes, determined to reach my potential and to leave a mark after I’m gone. Thank you for the encouragement in your words!


30 01 2009

You’ve managed to sum it all up in one breath! I have had to learn over the years that trying to take control of a situation, or when rushing something due to my lack of patience has disrupted what GOD was working on “behind the scenes” in my life. Well, I finally became wiser and now understand that HE is continuously working in my life “supernaturally” and has been guiding me from the front, pushing me from the rear, holding my hand while walking beside me, and has stopped me to embrace me with his loving arms when needed. When that negative word “impatience” tries to interfere, and my first thought is to step in because I feel that I can speed up the process, I stop quickly and open my mind, lift up my hands, kneel on my knees, and thank GOD for taking the situation out of my hands. IT IS TRULY AMAZING!!! I learned from one of my former drill instructors that: “If you stay ready, you will always save time of having to get ready!” Well, I plan to continue to work on myself so that every time HE sends a situation my way, I will be ready to help those who are in need, as well as be deserving of the BLESSINGS that HE bestows upon me. I pray that: “everyone is going to see GOD’s favor in a greater way. New doors are going to begin to open for all of us. Supernatural opportunities are going to come our way. GOD is setting up divine connections for us all. We will always be at the right place at the right time. We will overcome every obstacle and defeat all of our enemies. We are going to see every dream, every desire that HE has placed in our hearts come to pass.” GOD Bless and thank you for sharing!

31 01 2009

Very, Very True. Examples of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. I’ve always been told that one person cannot do everything. But if every person does one thing, everything will get done…..Keep it going Sis 🙂

8 03 2009

Nicole -You continue to put up aspiring words. As I “marinate” my vision of who I am and what I am suppose to be doing has continued to change and reminds me of the many things I aspire to do. I hope to fulfill those goals and the ones I just can’t get too–I guess I will just have to pass them on you Li’l Sista,

Big Sis Linda

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