You MUST Wait

30 01 2009

Another great lesson we learn form Esther is timing.


Esther definitely understood the importance of timing.  You see, Esther was to have a conversation with the King (her husband), that usually would be cause for her to be put to death!  Let me give you a little background …. The King’s right hand man, Haman, wanted to kill all the Jews and here’s the crazy part, the King did not know his wife was a Jew.  Yes, Esther was made queen and held this secret from her husband, and now she was going to ask him to spear not just her life, but the life of ALL the Jews!!!  I don’t know about you but if I had a life or death situation in my hands like this, I would find it hard to wait gracefully.  However Esther was not in a hurry but instead remained prayerful until she felt it was the absolute right time to have the life or death conversation she needed to have with her husband. 


I would liken this act of timing and patience to that of a dancer.  For a dancer knows when to wait and when to move.  So if we look at this concept through the eyes of an Alvin Ailey dancer,  it is feeling the music speak to your soul and allowing the fluidity of what you feel within, that then translates into knowing when and how to move.  You never see a dancer (at least the good ones) looking at their fellow dancers in anticipation of the next move; instead they wait patiently in their pose, until the exact moment to make that move.  This beautiful relationship of time and movement is exactly what we witness in the story of Esther.  However, Ms. Esther takes this moment of waiting to a whole new level.   How?  Well what does Esther do while she waits for the right time to have THE conversation?  This woman throws a dinner party for her husband.  Esther does not sit around scared and anxious, she is patient, trusting God and setting the table so that when that small voice inside of her (some of us call this voice intuition or our gut, I call that little voice – God) says it’s time to have the conversation, the stage would be set.  


What I take away from Esther’s ability to gracefully wait is;


1 –Trust God.   As important as the act is that we are waiting to do, is what is happening that we cannot see.  This is the work God is doing to line up everything at the absolute perfect time for us to have that conversation we need to have with our husband or our boss. To put in our 2 weeks notice to move to the next job, etc…  However, if we act in the heat of the moment without waiting on that perfect timing, we could mess up everything.  The bible verse I absolutely love here is…


The king’s heart is like channels of water in the hand of the Lord;He turns it wherever He wishes.”

 – Proverbs 21:1


WOW!!  God is always working behind the scenes for us, lining up every perfect person, place or thing! If we can focus on God and not the situation we can learn to have faith instead of fear.  We can trust instead of doubt, we can have quiet assurance, instead of losing our minds!


2 – Have patience. Timing can sometimes be more important than the actual act itself.  Learning how to be graceful while waiting is key!  It is not rolling your neck at folks because you are not getting your way, or cutting your eyes or being mad all day.  It is something like if you absolutely HATE your job but you know in your gut, it is not time yet to go; be the BEST employee you can be or whatever this may mean for your situation.    Patience gracefully means smiling in the face of frustration and trusting that the time will come to make that move.


3 – Look for the Open Door or Window.  It’s interesting that sometimes we wait and wait and then when the opportunity is set before us, we do nothing.  So when that door swings open YOU MUST ACT!  Don’t doubt, be afraid and do nothing.  Sometimes only ONE door will open, so don’t loose the opportunity due to fear. When a person is placed in your path to bless you and is willing to help you begin your new business, YOU MUST ACT!  When you get laid off, look for the open window of opportunity, its coming! When your mate leaves, look for the open window. No not to jump out of…LOL…but to grab hold of the next opportunity that is coming your way.   Whatever this may mean for where you are, especially in those times that we do not know what to do, you MUST WAIT for the opportunity to come. Then when the door opens, and it will, get to steppin’


Marian Wright Edleman said it best in her book “Lanterns” when she said,

“God chooses the actors, the times, the places,

sets the stage, lifts the curtain, and begins the drama. 

Our task is to be ready to play our parts and to do the work God assigns us without anxiety according to the strengths and gifts we are given.”


Wow PREPARATION, OPPORTUNITY & TIMING, what a powerful combination toward us Defining our Own Way.




5 responses

30 01 2009

I too like Proverbs 21:1 The king’s heart is like channels of water in the hand of the Lord;He turns it wherever He wishes.” I am reminded of the words to one of my favorite songs: Sovereign

God can do whatever he wants to–
where he wants to–
how he wants to-
because he’s sovereign
God is God

Patience is a virtue. It is learned. It is a continued process, it takes a lot of prayer to know that feeling , inner spirit, your gut –is the voice of God.
I am still learning.

Enjoy your day everyone.

30 01 2009
Milca Matos

What a blessing it is to have people around with such wisdom!

Great word sis!

31 01 2009

Still working on my patience and not being anxious while waiting… this really spoke to me!

4 02 2009
Jeanette Conrad-Ellis

I’m going to have to give you a footnote credit in the key note address that I’m giving at the Waubonsie High School Black History Month celebration. This was awesome, and I found a few more gems that I can paste into my speech i.e. the Marian Wright Edelman quote. How you find the time to write such thought provoking and timely pieces with everything else you’re doing is nothing but God. In my address, I’m mentioning you and the blog so hopefully the students will register. God Bless! Jeanette

1 03 2009

Wow, this was great! (I had to take notes.) It was a reminder that God doesn’t work on my time.

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