Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

20 02 2009

As we focus on each of us getting to our very own

“For Such a Time as this” moment (Esther 4:14)

there are 6 targets that will have us move in this direction

(for more information on all 6 click our theme for 2009 tab).

Here we look at Target 1 … “Keep Your Eyes on the Prize”.


When I hear “Keep your Eyes on the Prize,” it makes me think of our ancestors.  The prize for them was FREEDOM and after they received that prize, they then set their eyes on obtaining EDUCATION, and EQUAL RIGHTS …..I could go on.  As we celebrate Black History, the GREATEST way to pay homage to our ancestors, is really for each of us to MAXIMIZE all the hope and opportunity they fought so hard for us to have.  

 Because we are free women,

Born of free women,

Who are born of free woman,

Back as far as time begins,

We celebrate your freedom.


Because we are wise women,

Born of wise women,

Who are born of wise women,

We celebrate your wisdom.


Because we are strong women,

Born of strong women,

Who are born of strong women,

We celebrate your strength.


My sisters, we gathered here to speak your names.

We are here because we are your daughters

as surely as if you had conceived us, nurtured us, carried us in your wombs,

 and then sent us out into the world to make our mark and

see what we see, and be what we be, but better, truer, deeper

Because of the shining example of your own incandescent lives….

– an excerpt from “We Speak your Names” by Pearl Cleage


What is the shining example of your own incandescent life?  According to the Webster’s Dictionary, incandescent means shinning and how does this relate to keeping your eyes on the prize?   Let’s put it this way….

“Let your light so shine before men (and women), that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.”

– Matthew 5:16

So in order to SHINE we must MAXIMIZE who we are and when we are in that place it means we have realized our PRIZE.  


So what is your prize? What are you aiming to do or to be?  Each goal we meet along our own individual path makes our light shine just that much brighter and this IS why our ancestors fought, so that we COULD have hope and opportunity.  As we begin to reflect on this, our first stop along this path is paying homage to our ancestors as we stay TRUE to who our God is and what we were put on this earth to do or to be.  Yes, God really has uniquely gifted each of us to be or do something… for some of us it is to teach, some it is to be a counselor, a mother, a lawyer, a performer, a doctor…I think you get the point. For this MAXIMIZE Moment blog discussion, the question is, if the prize is the realization of your life’s purpose, then what is your purpose? What goals do you need to meet to get there? Take sometime over this next week to REALLY think about this for yourself.  Find a journal or a notebook you like to write in or find a new notebook to start an explorative journal for yourself and start to list out your goals.  Look at the following areas in your life and list what your prize is in….





(Family & Friends, Significant Other/Romance)

Personal Growth


What do I do to have me time




Make your list ladies!

We will discover why we did this work in our MAXIMIZE Moment blog next week.  So have fun designing, focusing, defining or redesigning, refocusing and redefining your PRIZE(s).




4 responses

21 02 2009
Jeanette Conrad-Ellis

God is awesome! On Tuesday, Feb. 17th, I was the keynote speaker at Waubonsie H.S. in Aurora, IL and the theme was “Eyes on the Prize!” It’s in the air. Thanks 4 another great message, Nicole. I look forward to reading them each week! jc

21 02 2009
Tene Lucas-Rogers

This sounds like a really good ideal. Im all in….:)

22 02 2009
Nicole Roberts Jones

Thank you ladies for your comments!!

Tene, I have to tell you that I did my list as I began 2009 and under health my goal was to work out 5 days a week and I tell you…getting up at 5am was hard for the 1st few weeks but as I am in week 7, I already feel the difference in how my clothes fit and even more important how I overall feel….I think I finally got it down 🙂 I am excited about this change already for 2009!!!!

25 04 2009
Carlisa Worsham

Wow Nicole !

What a phenomenal blessing you are! I remember humble beginnings with our matching swim suits in San Diego. (Yeah I still have the pic) I continued to marvel at your gift and ability to exude the gifts of the most High. Be Blessed and Continue to Walk In Purpose!

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