It’s Like a Boomerang

6 03 2009

So we have done our lists and made our vision board…now what?  As I touched on last week, the purpose of the vision board is to make a visual representation of the things we want to do and/or be.  Making a vision board is a way to initiate what is called the law of attraction.  The law of attraction states that we attract into our lives anything that we give attention to…it is again best explained by the information filtering system of our brain, the RAS that I touched on last week.   So the purpose of your vision board is to keep your mind, your thoughts set on your dream because…

“As a woman thinketh in her heart, so is she” – Proverbs 23:7


Our vision board starts the process of us working to get our dreams, thoughts and actions in alignment. So that when all 3 line up together it will produce our dream, much like a boomerang as when you throw it out, it comes right back to you.  You are the author of your own destiny just by the thoughts you choose. Yes, we each have the power to choose to have faith or to doubt the vision we have for our future.    Hmmm… so what I am saying is that the mind is the master hub, both of our inner thoughts and the outer enactment of our thoughts which equals what gets played out in our life.  So if we can get our thoughts in alignment with who God says we are and what our prize is to be, then we are well on our way to the path of receiving our prize.  So if our thoughts have up till now produced doubt and insecurity, we can make a choice that they now will produce faith and assurance. To do so, we must…

“…be transformed by the renewing of the mind…” – Romans 12:2


 If our thoughts have up to now produced hesitation and uncertainty, we can make a choice that they now will produce belief and confidence so that…

“Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in me will complete it…” –Philippians 1:6


Here is a story that just might illustrate this a bit better. I read somewhere about Ruth Krauss’s children’s book “the Carrot Seed,” about a little boy who planted a carrot seed.  His mother said, “I am afraid it won’t come up.”  His father said, “I’m afraid it won’t come up.” And his big brother said, “I am afraid it won’t come up.”  Every day the little boy pulled up the weeds around the seed and sprinkled the ground with water.  But nothing came up. But he still pulled up the weeds around it every day and sprinkled the ground with water. And then, one day, a carrot came up just as the little boy had known it would.”   The point is that a seed does not grow over night, it takes time and nurturing. It also takes confidence and trust, even after you plant the seed of your prize.  It is that FAITH that will give you the wherewithal to water it and water it and water it, even when you do not see anything coming out of the ground. UNTIL one day when all of that determination and focus, all of your hard work produces the DREAM of your PRIZE!!! YES it definitely takes patience and perseverance to hang in there through the days when you see nothing AT ALL happening to make your dream come to fruition in your life.   It takes faith and determination to hang in there, keep your eyes on the prize and only do, say or think on those things that are in alignment with your prize, and then eventually one day, you will indeed reap what you have sown. However if you let time, circumstance or unbelief, doubt what God has put in you, you will be like the Children of Israel walking around the same old tired mountain for 40 years, going NO WHERE near your promised land!!!  If God has placed something special in each of us, don’t you think He wants to see us get there?  However He leaves determination and will up to us, so if over time you let weeds grow, get frustrated and give up or you let your friends talk you out of your dream, you definitely WILL NOT see the prize move from visual to real.  The boomerang will produce whatever it is YOU put out there to come back to you.  So as we move next week into Charting Our Course to get to our prize, we must stop in this place along the way to make sure our thoughts and character is in alignment with our prize, yes this is why I encouraged you to do a vision board, because…

 “As a woman thinketh in her heart, so is she” – Proverbs 23:7


What’s in your heart?

What thoughts and actions are coming back to you like a boomerang?




4 responses

6 03 2009

Thanks Nicole as always! I look forward to reading your “Motivational Friday Messages!” They are sometimes “new” words of encouragement and often times, a “reminder” to keep me focused on what positive changes I can continue making in mine and others lives. Years ago, I started making a “Vision/Goal” chart. It is truly amazing!!! I have been working diligently on something I placed on my board a few months ago…obstacles, stumbles and bumps in the road…of course!…Nevertheless, it makes me push even harder and keeps me more grounded. GOD is good and HE is an awesome FATHER! Sometimes, it hurts my heart (good) when I think about the amount of love I have for HIM! Sweetie, I thank you for continuing to reach out to us and it is amazing how we went to high school and college together…and who would of thought that we would ever come across eachother’s paths again in such an enlightening way!…only HE knows!:-) GOD Bless and have a wonderful weekend.

6 03 2009

The law of attraction states that we attract into our lives anything that we give attention to. I like that statment made in the blog its so true its kind of like when others say you are what you hang around.

8 03 2009

Very well put. I think we all get tired of waiting for our blessing. But as always he is ON TIME. Luve Ya 🙂

8 03 2009
Jeanette Conrad-Ellis

Once again, your blog was on point! I’ve been meaning to do a vision board, and even cut out things to paste onto it…but now it’s at the top of my Today To Do! It’s done. I’m going to do it NOW! Thank you for the spiritual food. It was the fuel that I needed. jc

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