Ask for Directions

19 03 2009

Per our discussion last week, as you all work to Chart your Course there will be areas that you may find complicated, challenging and/or confusing.  It is in these moments that you need guidance and/or support so that you can get to your desired destination. The best thing for you to do when you find yourself in this place is to stop and ask for directions. 


Now I am sure you wouldn’t ask for directions from someone that has never been to your destination of choice.   After all, why would you ask for direction from someone that would probably get you lost? With this in mind, you want to find someone that can give you wise counsel, levelheaded insight, someone that will help you move in the direction of your prize. You want to find someone so that when your GPS loses its signal, you have that someone who can point you in the right direction.  They can help you sort through and find that signal again that will help you stay on the course of your prize. 


Why should we seek direction? Even Jesus’ mother, Mary needed direction.  When the angel came to tell her that she would become pregnant with Jesus, do you think she automatically knew what to do?  No, she needed direction!  In that same visit where the angel told Mary that she was going to have a son, the angel then, I am sure sensing that Mary needed a little support and guidance, told Mary…..

Now indeed, Elizabeth your relative has also conceived a son in her old age; and this is now the sixth month for her who was called barren. “  -Luke 1:36


 So what did Mary do, she went and spent three months with a woman who was also carrying a miracle.  Sure her miracle was not quite the same as Mary’s but she could definitely understand what Mary was going through as she had already been dealing with it for some time herself.  Elizabeth, if no one else, could help Mary in her current course of action.  Elizabeth could provide her with support and encouragement and more than anything, Mary knew that Elizabeth was already on the road she too must travel. What better person could provide her with the direction she would need!   It was during Mary’s visit with her cousin Elizabeth that Mary came to terms with her prize, becoming the mother of Jesus. 


Why do I share this story?  Well, we are all pregnant with our own purpose and there is definitely someone out there that can understand where you are headed, so don’t be afraid to stop and ask for directions as you are charting your course.  Asking for directions from a trusted mentor, pastor, friend, sister, mother etc…. whoever that person may be for you, find that person who will help you to find your own way!  When Mary did this for herself, by going to visit with her cousin Elizabeth, it lead her from doubt to confidence, from weakness to strength, from facing her future with fear to facing her future with faith.   If you want to read the whole story of Mary and her visit with Elizabeth, check out Luke 1: 26-56.  One of my favorite bible verses in this story is Luke 1:37 that says… “For nothing is impossible with God.”   So for you, know that obtaining your prize IS definitely possible! All you need to do is to effectively set out on your path toward getting there. Reach out and get the help you need to get where you want to go.  If you need to ask for directions, ASK!  The point I am making here is that you should not feel like you have to know everything.  Sometimes we have to seek guidance and insight from trusted counsel.  Sometimes we may need to seek encouragement and support so we will not grow weary and loose heart and if you never reach out to those light holders on your path, you will never get what you need on the way to where you are going.  So ladies, when and if you need it, Stop and ask for Directions!

The question for you here is….Is there someone who has already made it down a similar path toward her or his prize that you can talk to?



“Successful people turn everyone who can help them into mentors!”

-John Crosby


He who is afraid of asking is ashamed of learning”

-Danish Proverb




One response

20 03 2009
Jeanette Conrad-Ellis

Hola chica! Mentoring is so important. We’re never too young or too seasoned to need guidance from the wiser in our species. Even if I don’t always heed ALL of the advice from the wise sages in my life, I usually heed at least 90% of it. Love the gps analogy. I’m addicted to mine too! jc

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