PUSH on through to the other side

8 05 2009

When we are going through something, do we ever stop long enough to think about what is on the other side?  Well ladies it is the process of staying focused on what we are going through that becomes a tie that binds us to the current place we are in instead of us being able to get to the other side.   Since this weekend is a celebration of Mother’s, I will put it this way; it’s like being pregnant and being focused on the pain instead of focusing on the product of all the pain which is the baby that is to come.  Now if you can stay focused on the baby then you can endure the months of morning sickness and pain because you know this is only for a moment and that your new baby boy or girl is on the other side of all this pain. So if it is possible to endure that kind of pain and stay focused on the baby, why can’t we apply this same principle in our daily lives?  Why can’t we stay focused on the destination, instead of the process we are going through to get there?



When you stay focused on the pregnancy and not the baby, you become stuck in what you are going through and until you successfully resolve this pregnancy, understanding what it is you need to learn, heal and move on from, you will continue in this place as if it has become a type of pattern that happens over and over again.  Yes ladies, many relationships or situations in our lives happen because they are usually areas we need to resolve. Just like if you get pregnant ya need to give birth to the baby to resolve it otherwise you either abort the process or miscarry. 



When you miscarry it means that you did not carry the baby to full term.  It means you did not successfully resolve where you are to get where you are going.  To abort the process for us here would mean that, that hurtful experience in your life, you did not allow yourself to go all the way through to resolve it for yourself and therefore you have not healed from it and now although you think you let it go; you still carry it with you.  Let me make it plain, it is like never knowing your father and now you have unsuccessful relationships with men, don’t abort the process, stop and realize what is happening here, why is it that you have a negative relationship with men?



Or how about that man who you fall in love with who is a player, player and then he leaves you for another woman and then you think you are moving on and meet your next man (another player, player) who does the same thing. Don’t miscarry, stop, reflect and realize what is happening here, why are you continuing this pattern?  Maybe ya need a little bed rest so you can carry the baby to full term.  Bed rest would mean, spend a little time with YOU and get to know yourself intimately so that you can see what it is or why you are stuck here.



We go through things for a reason and if we can allow ourselves to learn from the process instead of trying to abort it, miscarry or act like it is not happening, then we can be done with it and move on. We can actually receive the prize of holding our baby in our arms if we can learn when to push and when to breathe, that all comes with taking the time to learn what ya need to do right where ya are….in that labor room.



Well whatever baby you have aborted, miscarried or that you just are not pushing out to let be born, it is time to end this pattern; we need to recognize it and then break the ties that are binding us to this situation.  How do you do this?  The first step is definitely to recognize it, to acknowledge it, to call it by name…. so what is that tie that is binding you?  What baby have you aborted, miscarried or do ya just need to push out? 


Whatever it is, stop in this place and push it out!  Recognize it for what it is…THE TIE THAT IS BINDING YOU!!!  It is the baby that must be birthed so that you can move on from these labor pains! So in order to get to the other side we must muster up the confidence and strength to carry the baby to full term and when it is time then to PUSH, to “let go” and move on and become the person we know we can be. We will begin to discuss this thing of Letting Go next week but for now my question to you is what is holding you back from getting to the other side?   What is that baby you are carrying? For it is time to be pushed out?

 “I do not count myself to have apprehended; but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead” – Philippians 3:13


“Obstacles are things a person sees when he takes his eyes off his goal.”  -E. Joseph Cossman




3 responses

8 05 2009

KEEP MOVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No matter what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


8 05 2009

I am glad you sent this. I was looking for it today when I got to work and didn’t see it. You are spoiling me. I look forward to these every Friday morning. Happy Mother’s Day to you.

11 05 2009
Jeanette Conrad-Ellis

Thanks for another on point message! Love the labor analogy! You got to keep your eyes on the prize and push through the pain to receive the joy. While in labor w/my 1st I pushed for 4 hours. Yes 4 hours. It wasn’t until the doc said they were going to do a c section caue the heart rate was dropping that I took my eyes off the pain and focussed on Jesus. Literally. I dug deep and prayed to push that baby out cause I didn’t want surgery. Immediately after the birth I vowed she’d be an only child, but clearly I forgot about the pain…I’ll have to add Phil 3:13 to my scripture memory! smooches!

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