Rise Above It!

4 06 2009

Now that we have discussed how to deal with and resolve whatever has emotional bound us, the next step is learning to live in a mode where nothing will bind us ever again.   We do this by learning to rise above it.  To rise above situations and circumstances that will try to remind you of what happened in the past,  that make you feel or think negative about where you currently are or that come just to plain old mess up your day! Rising above it is learning to hold your head up high and not allow anything or anyone to steal your joy.

“My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials” – James 1:2

In this chapter of James the bible talks about how we are to deal with trials.  So instead of thinking of it as a terrible thing it says to count it all joy.  So we must take our focus off of the storm and focus on the rainbow that will come after it.  It is to know that there will be joy to come when we rise above the current circumstance and not allow it or anyone to steal our joy.  It is to keep a positive outlook and smile in the face of fear.  This is definitely a very easy way to connect us back to our theme for 2009.   You see Esther was a GREAT example of someone that knew how to rise above it.   She was able to rise above being an orphan to become queen.  She was able to rise above the fact that her husband was preparing to kill all of her people; instead Esther focused on what she needed to do to save her people, she looked for that rainbow and that is how she was able to come to her “for such a time as this” moment. Another example, as we discussed a few blogs back, is Joseph and his Technicolor Dream Coat. Joseph also was able to rise above his current circumstance because despite all that he went through, Joseph kept a positive attitude and when it was all said and done he was able to say… 

 “as for you, you meant evil against me but God meant it for good.” -Genesis 50:20 

Joseph realized that all he went through was just so that he could be in this place at this time to SAVE his family.  If Joseph did not rise above every negative thing that came his way, he would have never made it to that moment.   So what does this all mean to us?  Well, it is like when you hear so and so talking about you.  Well instead of trying to get her back or being all mean when you see her, rolling your eyes and what not; we must rise above it!  In doing so, you realize that this is HER issue and not yours as you keep your head up, smile, put those shoulders back and rise above it.  You do that by keeping a positive demeanor with her any way; there is NO way that you will allow a hater to make you stoop down to her level.  Or as I like to say, she is not going to make me mess up my ticket to heaven!  Or how about when you find out your man is cheating on you and he breaks up with you. GUUURRRLLLLLL this is not the time for you to be rolling on the floor crying about it.  It is time for you to realize that YOU are a gift and that HE messed up HIS blessing as you dust your shoulder off to rise above it. YOU have got to know that he did not deserve you if this is how he was going to treat you and that a man that WILL appreciate who you are will FIND YOU!!!  So the key is to learn how to rise above where we currently are, in order to partake in where we can go.  The ultimate destination of our prize can only be found learning how to NOT allow the negative to touch you but to live in this positive place.   It is Rising Above it!

Did your mother or grandmother ever tell you when you were little to keep your head up? Why do you think it is that when you are going through something people tell you to keep your head up?  Or when you are not feeling good about your self you say I am feeling down?  Well it is time to challenge ourselves to look up and rise above what IS to what CAN BE if we can choose to Rise Above It!  It is time for each of us to learn who we are and once YOU KNOW who you are, you will then realize that you are not competing with anyone else… the man for you,  will have eyes only for you… your TRUE friends will not be haters.  YES GIRL YOU ARE THE BEST!  So RISE ABOVE IT!  RISE to the occasion.  RISE UP and marvel in who you are!  Next week we will explore this notion of Rise Above It even more, for now, a few quotes to contemplate….

 “I know it seems hard sometimes, but remember one thing, through every dark night, there’s a bright day after that. So no matter how hard it gets, keep your chest out, keep your head up and handle it.”- Tupac 

“When love is lost, do not bow your head in sadness; instead keep your head up high and gaze at the starts for that is where your broken heart has been sent to heal!” – unknown

“Happiness is not a destination in which you arrive; it is your journey there.” – unknown

“Little minds are tamed and subdued by misfortune; but great minds rise above them.” – Washington Irving




One response

13 06 2009
Jeanette Conrad-Ellis

God uses all things for his glory. All things. It’s the confusion of the devil that wants us to feel ashamed about the valleys in our lives. And the devil is often cloaked as a hater…History has awesome examples of phenomenal African Americans who have risen above their situation. Once they get there, it looks like they’re on easy street, but when you know their journey, they had their fair share of drama like the rest of us, but they rose above it and persevered for their “such a time as this” moment. They made sure they were ready when their “preparation meets opportunity” …Look at Oprah, through her vast media empire, Oprah regularly shares her personal struggles (molestation, feelings of abandonment, weight issues) to help others see that God will use the bad for his good. And she was sharing her personal testimonies “Before” she became a fearless billionaire….God wants you to hold your head up and know “whose” you are. Remember, whatever the issue is that is pulling your head down, know that God is stronger than that issue and wants you to hold your head up. When you do, you’ll see that you’re in good company with the rest of us who are pushing on with our heads up and our eyes on the prize. Love the blog, Nicole!

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