Do Unto Others

3 09 2009

You know when I think of the kind of people I want to have around me, it make me think of the golden rule;

Do unto others as you would have them do to you.” -Luke 6:31

With this in mind, I would like to share with you the ingredients to what I call my friendship pie….  These are the factors that I believe if mixed just right , make for a GREAT friendship, a great team to help you move toward your dreams;

My friendship pie

One Cup of Being Real

(I cannot stand folks that are fake so honesty is huge for me.  After all, how do you know if someone is truly your friend if they are always doing things to be liked or accepted by other people etc… Instead,  BE WHO YOU ARE!  I would not call this person a friend but rather an opportunist.  At the end of the day, this person is not being authentically or honest to themselves let alone you as a friend.)

 Two Cups of Being Loyal

(If my friend tells me something in confidence, I keep that information to myself.  After all, nobody likes a backstabber.  On this same token I don’t talk behind my friends back.  Additionally, if you are a true friend you never say anything about your girl that you could not say to her face.  On top of all of that you also must not allow  others to say bad things about your friend either.  A true has your back and speaks up for you when the haters are at work.)

 ½ Tablespoon of Don’t Wear Out Your Welcome

(You know when I was little my mother used to always say this to me and now I get it…. Which is all about knowing your boundaries and making folks feel appreciated.  Boundaries are important!  For an example, did your girl give you permission to reprimand her child?  Just because you think her kids should be raised a certain way does not give you the right to step over that boundary.  So be mindful that this is her life, don’t offer unsolicited advice and don’t say or do things to her kids, her man etc… that are not within her own bounds.  Also, don’t help yourself to things at her house without asking, unless she can do the same at your house. If you borrow something from a friend, return it before they have to ask you for it and make sure you take good care of it. What else here?  Don’t make your friends feel like they are being used!  Give and take equally. )

 I liter of Keep your Promises!

(Do what you say you are going to do!!  This is my pet peeve!  If you know you said you would be there at 7 and it is 7:15, call and tell your friend SOMETHING!!!  Don’t just keep a sista hanging! If you made a promise and then circumstances happen beyond your control, let your friend know.  It’s better to call and tell her what is going on then to leave her in the dark, thinking that the original plan is still on!!  Good friendship is based on trust – if you break a friend’s trust, that part of your friendship may be very hard to rebuild. )

 2 TBSP of Being There

(If you sense that your friend is having a particularly hard week, offer to help.  Go by and watch the kids while she goes to get a pedicure.  If she is sick, take her some soup!  Send cards and care packages. The point is, care enough about your friend to be there through it all.  The good and the bad!  Sometimes when you are going through  there are no words to say but knowing you are there is all a friend needs.)

 5 cups of Agree to Disagree

(In a friendship you MUST understand that you will not always see eye to eye….and it is in these moments that you must realize it is OK to disagree and.  I don’t have to get all mad at you because you are not seeing things my way!  Friendship really is accepting each others differences as well as what you have in common.  It is the differences of each of your friends that make them each uniquely your friends.  However sometimes those difference can make things uncomfortable!  However if you can agree to disagree…one minute you can be in a heated discussion, the next minute you are both letting it all go and on your way to grab lunch.  Now that is the PINNACLE of friendship!

The point of this friendship pie is that you always want to treat a friend as you would want to be treated.  To do this you must be the same kind of friend you are seeking in a friendship.  So ladies, this week share with us some ingredients in YOUR friendship pie?    Ingredients you expect to receive while at the same time equally giving as a GREAT friend?


“The great difference between voyages rests not in ships but in the people you meet on them” – Amelia Burr


“To have a good friend is the highest delights of life; to be a good friend is one of the noblest and most difficult undertakings” – Anon


“The only way to have a friends is to be one” – Ralph Waldo Emerson




2 responses

3 09 2009

Nicole what else is left to be said?!!!? This blog literally touched on all the feelings and things I’ve been talking about over the last week. From loyalty to consideration…!!

I have book shelves full of cookbooks but this recipe is golden and will be forever in my heart!

Thank you…

7 09 2009
Keisha Lloyd

If we love God first. Then love ourself. We can only give what is on the inside of us…true friendship. Which true friendship equals love.

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