Rise Above It

1 04 2010

This Sunday as we celebrate Easter and celebrate the life of Jesus; what a perfect time to talk about the ability to rise above.   You see if we want to live in unspeakable joy, then we too must rise from the dead.  Yes I said dead!!!  Because all that drama we talked about last week is what brings death to our life.  Therefore the key for us to truly live in unspeakable joy is to Rise Above it.   

So what does us rising above DRAMA or negative have to do with Jesus and the celebration of Easter?  You see Jesus was able to rise above it all!  The naysayers that mocked Him for saying He was not the son of God.  The haters that spit at Him and called Him names. Jesus stayed focused on who and what GOD said He was and He rose above it all!  Yes He too rose above drama!  So just as Good Friday is the day that we commemorate Christ’s death on the cross, lets each take a minute to celebrate this moment as we too die to our own drama!  And as we celebrate Jesus being raised from the dead, we also are reminded that Jesus IS our example.  Our example of RISING ABOVE, to let go of the past, the drama, the negativity and reach out to become the women we were meant to be.  This is how we TRULY live with joy in our hearts as we relish in living in our MAXIMUM potential. As we lead our drama die,  I must tell ya it will keep on trying to come back up in various situations and circumstances in our lives, so ladies we must be determined  NOT to allow it to touch us again!  Not touch us as we move to live in a place where we continuously rise above it.  How?  By taking back our remote!

Let me ask you, do you believe that you alone hold the remote control to your happiness?  You see we each have a gift from God called choice and it is the choices we make that dictate the life that we live.  So if we choose to be happy, we will be.  It is not about trying because let’s face it; trying is a choice as well.   Even further, if we allow ourselves to feel powerless about our own situations and circumstances, we will be just that, POWERLESS!!   However if you can muster up enough strength inside of yourself to believe in the control that you DO have, then take back your remote and watch how that feeling in and of its self impacts your ability to make positive choices for your life.  Taking back your remote gives you a feeling of empowerment which ultimately leads to your happiness.  Why?  Because you FINALLY realize that you alone hold the key to your happiness and now that you are in the driver’s seat, YOU can choose your destination.   As a matter of fact, in my internet search to write this blog, I came across research that shows that “those that feel like they control their own destiny, rather than their fate being largely determined by external forces–tend to be happier, less depressed, and less stressed.”   So let’s each live our lives in control of how we feel and not allow other people or situations to define how we feel.  To do this, we must live like an eagle.

When you think of an eagle what do you think of?  When I think of an eagle I think of strength, speed and how high they soar.  As a matter of fact, eagles can soar to heights that other birds cannot reach. Eagles even uses the winds from a storm by setting its wings so that the wind will pick it up and lift it above the storm. That’s right, a eagle takes something that could destroy it to actually make it rise to higher heights.   So if you consider yourself an eagle, than you are rising above the backstabbers and haters, the men that do not deserve you and the bosses that do not know what to do with your talent!!  You are soaring to levels they cannot reach!!  You are soaring above their drama, knowing who you are and not allowing the negative to pull you to their level.  After all, do you ever see eagles hanging out with pigeons?   Instead we must learn to….

 Count it all joy when you fall into various trials “ James 1: 2

That is exactly how an eagle lives, in the face of challenge and adversity knowing that everything is an opportunity instead of a setback as they rise above it all.  So to live as an eagle, we must take back our remote and in so doing take back control of our own lives. If ya don’t now how to do this here are few things to try;

  1.  Realize that you DO have choice!  Choice to change your situation. Even if you don’t like the choices available at the moment, you always have some choices!
  2. Do you need an attitude adjustment? Are you stuck in being negative?  Do you find yourself saying things like, ‘I can’t…,” , “I am not able to…” Living in the land of negative means that you are still stuck in drama which really will not help you make choices which are best for you. Think about it, even having a negative attitude is a choice.  Your attitude affects your choices and it’s time to stop allowing yourself to plant negative seeds in your own life by the words you speaks and the way you view your situation.  ON THIS DAY, make a choice to only allow yourself to think in a positive manner. (This is what we call living in rainbow days which we will focus more in-depth on next week)
  3. When you don’t know what choice to make, take out a sheet of paper and begin to explore the various options available.  Now this won’t work with negative thinking!   If you are having a hard time making this list, call a friend or family member to help you. But make sure this person is someone who will empower you toward positive choices and not someone that will pull you into some drama.
  4. Once you make your list, decide which choice is best for you right now.  I say right now because you may not have all the resources at your exposure to do everything you want in your given situation, but you CAN start somewhere right?

If you put the above into practice, than sooner or later it will be second nature to you to not allow where you current are to stop you from reaching the heights that only someone who lives in unspeakable joy can go.   Look at Jesus, many believed they stopped God’s work by killing Him but instead Jesus rose from the dead!  So you too must RISE ABOVE IT!

 “That’s when we do our best.  When we are the underdog and people doubt us.  We can just rise above that.” – Angela Morales

 “Great minds have purposes; little minds have wishes.  Little minds are subdued by misfortunes; great minds rise above them.” – Washington Irving

 Everything negative – pressure, challenges – is all an opportunity for me to rise.  – Kobe Bryant




One response

2 04 2010
Dee Minor-Fisher

Thanks Nicole for another “catch me” on time message! This morning I was in the process of returning a phone call to a family member who called me yesterday to vent about events from her past that “she” has chosen to allow to happen in her present. A lot of what she expressed to me was her once again placing herself as always the “helpful” victim (sometimes true) who is always being taken advantage of by her mother and sister. As usual, her downfall has always been that she can recognize it when others are doing things to her, but fails to realize that she does the same thing to others. Okay, let me not lose track of how this relates to your message…! Well, after thinking about the conversation overnight and after writing in my journal, I decided to call her this morning to place clarification on what she had talked about and to remind her that there is a huge difference btwn what she “sees and feels” and what is “reality.” I have always been the one who she calls to vent, which I would never turn her away, but as in the past, I was a little perturbed with her being one-sided as always and failing to look in the mirror at herself. As usual GOD was right on time with this one too! She is suppose to call me later this morning in which I was going to remind her that with all of the “mirrors” she has in her house, it would behoove her to pick one and take a good look at herself until the truth slaps her in the face. On my way to work this morning, I was talking to GOD and contemplating whether or not it would be worth me telling her this, but thought what would it accomplish? This is something that has been on-going and her reminiscing about all of the negative things that traveled from her past to present, and more than likely future is something that she chooses to hold onto. I had to ask myself, what would I accomplish from me being honest and direct with her AGAIN? She didn’t change anything before, so why should now be any different? Then, I read your message and btwn my conversation with GOD this morning and reading your message, I’ve decided to let everything she said yesterday GO and to stop being her venting companion. Instead, I will listen to anything positive that she wants to tell me, but I too need to put a “cap” on the negative conversation before she even begins. After years of listening to the same negativity, moaning and griping, and in turn allowing it to make me upset, I am putting an end to it. Thank you!:-)

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