Living in Rainbow Days

8 04 2010

But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles” – Isaiah 40:31a

Do you know why I spoke about eagles in our blog discussion last week? Well it is because an eagle looks at the face of a storm as an opportunity instead of a challenge.  You see a storm is a opportunity for a eagle to rise to higher heights as they spread their wings and allow the storm to take them up higher and higher.  This attitude is also how we can choose to look at our storms or negative things that come; sure it is easy to have joy when things are good but what about through the hard stuff too?  It is in moments of challenge that opportunity is born, but only if we can stay in a happy place and allow it to take us to higher heights.  How you may ask?  If we go through moments of challenge knowing that

“All things work together for the good”  – Romans 8:28a

It is knowing that whatever is to come of this challenge, will be gain, it can become the wind beneath our wings if we have a positive outlook in the midst of it.  This is what I call Living in Rainbow days You see when a storm is raging, if we can focus on looking for the rainbow that will come after the storm, instead of focusing on the storm itself, then we can find the good, we can ride the wind that will take us higher. 

This is actually what the book “The Secret” calls the law of attraction.   You see the law of attraction says that you basically create what happens in your life by what you focus on, as whatever it is you focus on is what you draw into your life.  In essence, what you believe you will receive.  So if we can look at everything with a positive outlook, with joy in our heart then joy is what we will receive, that is what the law of attractions says, we attract what we put out there.  So basically this law of attraction works by using positive thoughts and feelings that then become energy and it is that energy that produces results in our lives. Now I must say that the law of attraction focuses on just believing something is possible, I would take it one step further to say, it is belief plus action that produces results.  We can’t just believe that we will get a better job; we must put that positive thought into action by actually looking for a job!   However, the major take away from this month’s conversation about joy is that even when you are as positive as you can possibly be; you are talking positive and being positive, the storms WILL come. In every life a little rain must fall!   So we must learn to be like an eagle, put up our wings and allow that storm to take us higher and higher, so high that we find a comfortable place to sit and admire the rainbow that WILL come.  The rainbow we shall see only if we hang in there long enough to see it. You see the eye of the storm will have you think you can’t make it, the negative things that happen in our lives will have you think that you are not headed in the right direction or you do not deserve your heart’s desire. However if you can stand still and be at peace and learn what ya need to, then the storm becomes a testimony instead of a test ya didn’t pass.

So how do you live in rainbow days? How do you live always looking for the positive instead of the negative that might be right before you?  How do you live 24/7 with joy in your heart?   First you must choose to believe the rainbow is possible and then take that belief and align it with action. You know that saying “fake it till you make it?”  Well that applies here as you sometimes have to push yourself to focus on where you are going instead of where you are presently so that you must believe it but you also must act like it will come to pass.   So you really aren’t faking it, it’s more like having a dress rehearsal 24/7 toward becoming the woman you desire to be!  So if you think of it that way, your belief and actions will always be ready when that curtain goes up on opening night!!!!  Opening night only happens when your belief and action meet opportunity and ya never know when the 3 roads will intersect.  So stop waiting to be happy when you get there and be happy on the way!!!!  Act like every day is a dress rehearsal toward you becoming, being or doing whatever it is you dream of.  That in and of itself puts some happiness in my heart! 

So if I believe I will be a CEO of a national nonprofit, I say I am a CEO of a national nonprofit and sooner or later as your belief lines up with your actions and you work to make it happen, it becomes reality.   The next step here is that you MUST keep your eyes on the prize! There will be times when you can’t see how you will get to whatever it is you want in life….a new job, a relationship, a house, etc…. but you MUST stay focused!!  Don’t doubt!!!  You can get there, but YOU have to believe you can.  It does not work if your momma believes for you or your best friend YOU have to believe it!! Just don’t lose heart and throw in the towel before you get there.  Last you remember to ALWAYS live in rainbow days.  Stay in a positive space. Remember it takes less energy to smile than it does to frown.  Plus it just feels to dog on good to smile, even at the face of adversity.   So only plant positive seeds toward whatever your dream is, so that the positive seeds get watered and they begin to produce the results you want in your life.

“These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you have peace.  In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”  -John 16:33

You see Jesus went through so much while on earth and serves as our example of staying focused on the journey instead of each stop along the way.   So our goal really should be to always look for a reason to feel joy and find that rainbow in the midst of the storm.  It is that  joy that will give you peace, easy assurance, trust to know that… “ All things work together for the good.”  It is this feeling that allows you to live like the old church mothers used to say “this joy that I have, the world did not give it; the world can’t take it away.” They really can’t take it away when you alone have your remote and YOU CHOOSE to be happy.  It is this happiness choice where you also find peace (peace is our next pearl we will begin to focus on next week) and it is in that place that you also know that you can trust that God is in control of every situation and that if you are going through something that just does not feel good, it ultimately is working together for your good.  That indeed is how you live in rainbow days.  That is how you live with unspeakable joy!!  

 “Life is like a rainbow.  You need both the sun and the rain to make its colors appear” – Unknown

“When you have a rainbow deep down in your heart, your smile will shine bright.  You know you’re part of that colorful, magical, feeling, you’ll find when you have a rainbow inside.” – Unknown

 “The way I see it, if you want the rainbow you gotta out up with the rain” – Dolly Parton




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8 04 2010

Good message.

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