It Ain’t Noting But Grace

8 07 2010
Kindness ain’t nothing but grace.  No not the prayer you say before you eat but consideration and thoughtfulness of others.  It is the seemingly effortless beauty, charm and refinement of a lady of grace.  It is the graceful motion of a ballet dancer.  It is the fluid motion of the ballet dancer’s body that makes her graceful, she does not fight what is as great ballet dancers learn how to capture the music through their fluid motion and doing so with a dance partner makes this fluid motion one to the other that much more beautiful.  For when you dance with a partner it is not about you but about understanding where your partner is and capturing their motion in your movement.  This graceful motion of a ballet dancer with a partner is exactly what we all do when we live in grace as we relate to others.  It is capturing the moment, learning to understand where your partner is and meeting them where they are that makes for a graceful performance by a prima ballerina.  Imagine if we gave that same consideration of others as a dancer does to her partner.


Let’s look at this notion of dancing gracefully with others.  To do so, think of all the times you have gotten mad at one of your girlfriends for flaking on you.  Think of all the times you got mad at a co-worker for messing up on a project.  Think of all the times your mother has worked your last nerve and your kids or siblings are REALLY taking you there.  In those moments, you know the one’s when you are telling folks about themselves, have you ever stopped to think about the choice in your own movement.  The choice to be angry and act out of that anger   or the choice to be fluid in motion. Fluid as you meet that person where they are.   I know you all are like what the heck is Nicole talking about.  Well if you are in the moment and take a moment to consider the partner you have in that moment, you may just find that, that girlfriend that was flaking on you, well it was actually not her, but her husband putting pressure on her that she just could not handle and that is why she flaked.  Or what about that co-worker at work who messed up that project, well with a little grace you may find out that actually his/her self esteem is so low that he/she sabotages everything they work on…hmm and with a little time and energy you can help them work through that. Actually because you finally are able to help your partner and you 2 are finally able to make that presentation, you get a promotion!!  Even when your mother is working your last never, that little bit of mercy given may allow you to see that your mom just misses you and all she needs is a little of your time.    Wow all of that just from giving a little bit of grace.  Imagine how much our world would change if we all learned to love people where they are and grant them a little grace.  If we learned how to allow the motion of the moment to guide our dance in relationships. 


Here’s another thought about grace.  The ultimate guide to living with grace is God.  Think about it, how we do all kinds of things we should not do and yet He still loves us.  Whew when I think of that, it is enough for me to put down that finger and stop my neck from rolling at other folks and realize that people are who they are and if God can accept me, who am I to tell folks that they are not up to MY expectations!!!  If God can meet me where I am than I too must learn the dance of fluid motion that will allow me to work the dancer within in that moment.  It helps me learn to play with the cards that are given to me instead of trying to draw more and more from the deck.  After all, what card game can you win with more cards in your hand at the end of a game?   If grace is sufficient for God to give to me, than I too must learn to give that grace to others.  Wow when we focus on kindness, mercy and grace what a different relationship we will have with others.  That is the art of the relationship dance!   And the art of the dance ain’t nothing but grace!


 “Grace isn’t just a little prayer you chant before receiving a meal.  It’s a way to live.” –  Jackie Windspear 

“And you know, when you’ve experienced grace and you feel like you’ve been forgiven, you’re a lot more forgiving of other people. You’re a lot more gracious to others.” – Rick Warren

 “Beauty without grace is the hook without the bait.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson 

 “The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart.” – Helen Keller




One response

8 07 2010
JC Ellis

Well said. I have 2 left feet, but like vintage wine, I’m getting better with age. I’ve finally learned to accept that most people are doing the best that they can. As such, I try to remind myself to accept their best; not my best, but their best, love them where they are and keep it moving. It’s worked wonders in my life re: accepting people that I’ve tried to “change” for years.

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