What’s Your Brand?

16 06 2011

When you think of Nike what do you think of?  Don’t you think of their slogan, Just Do it?  What about American Express? “Don’t leave home without it!” Right?  Matter of fact, brands are synonymous with who companies are. The American Marketing Association (AMA) defines a brand as “a “name, term, sign, symbol or design intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of other sellers.”  Therefore companies brand themselves as a way for you to remember who they are. So my question to you is  What’s Your Brand?  What impression do you leave on others?  If you were to ask folks at work or school, at home or at church, who you are, what do you think they would say about you?  What kind of person are you, what’s your image?  You see just like products and their brand that makes a promise to its customers, what kind of promise do you make to others just by your sheer existence in their lives?  That you are a flake or that you will definitely follow through?  That you are well organized and take care of business or that they can’t depend on you?  Your brand really does let folks know who you are and what they can trust about you.  Your brand then becomes an emotional and psychological relationship you have with the folks in your life  just as companies brands do the same thing for their customers.  A strong brand will bring out great and powerful emotions and/or responses from its customers.  This is the same thing your brand does to folks that interact with you.  This whole talk of brands really is a GREAT lesson that we can also learn from the Proverbs 31 woman…

“She makes tapestry for herself; her clothing is fine linen and purple.” Proverbs 31:22

You see a Proverbs 31 woman is a master of her fate.  She chooses how others define who she is by making sure her actions and her exterior attire line up with her values.  This is what I believe this bible verse is talking about.  You see it is not just the outer clothing that makes us who we are; it is how we put together the total package that becomes our brand.   The Proverbs 31 woman’s personal brand separates her from all the rest!   Her brand becomes the foundation of all she does as it is all woven together to become the tapestry of her life.  The challenge I want to give you this week is to go to your co-workers, a friend, a family member and ask them all – what is your brand?  What impression do you give off to others that interface with you.  It will be interesting for us all to see what comes back that is in line with what we want our brand to be.   So take a moment this week and see if your brand really does line up with your values.

 “A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service, or company.” Marty Neumeier

 “A brand isn’t a brand to you until it develops an emotional connection with you.”- Daryl Travis

 “Regardless of age, regardless of position, regardless of the business we happen to be in, all of us need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You.” – Tom Peters in Fast Company, 1997

 “Even individuals need to develop a brand for themselves …. Whatever your area of expertise, you can take steps to make people think of YOU when they think of your field.” –Accelepoint Webzine




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