Being the Ultimate Party Planner

6 07 2011

As each of us focuses on becoming our own Divine Design for 2011 with Proverbs 31: 10-31 as our blueprint.  Today we begin our look at our next key toward getting there which is– Throwing a House Warming Party!

I know you all are wondering what does a House Warming Party have to do with me becoming the Proverbs 31 woman!  Well since we have been working on becoming a Divine Design, once all is done with your new home – YOU – what happens next is you invite folks over to see and that is the all to popular House Warming Party!!

Before we really start to look at who is coming to our House Warming Party, the first thing we must do is plan it.  AS a matter of fact, the hardest part about having a party is actually the preparation that goes into it.   You have to plan date and time of day.  You must make your guest list and figure out number of people to invite.  You have to pick the menu, decorations, games or activities and decide on your budget so that you can determine whether you should cook or cater.   Yes, a Virtuous Woman is a planner and uses her time wisely. She works diligently to complete tasks and makes sure every detail is covered.  

 She watches over the ways of her household, and does not eat the bread of idleness. – Proverbs 31:27

So while this month’s theme is planning our house warming party as we get to show off the new and improved self that we are building , this whole notion of planning  goes beyond just this house warming party.  You see everything that happens in life takes planning and execution.  When we set goals we have got to manage our time so that we can accomplish what we have set out to do.  Some people find this the most difficult part of life, finding time to fit it all in. Trust me, if you learn how to manage your time, you can do just about anything.  Why is managing your time so important?  Well there are things that you will have on your schedule that are fixed, like the days and times you have to work, drop kids off to school etc… and then there will be tons of time that you have nothing on your agenda and if you do not manage both of these effectively, you will be in trouble.  Why?  Because no one will tell you when to do what. You just have to make things happen.  No one will tell you, when you wash your clothes or pay your bills.  No one will tell you that for your party you have a to send invites out by this day, or order food by this date so you better work on making a plan for your time effectively so that you can get all accomplished that you want to and need to on any given day.  I know for me, I can’t go a week without at least putting a things to do list together.  For work and for home. This way, I don’t rely on my mind to remember what I need to get done and I can check things off as I finish.  Looking at a fully checked off sheet at the end of the week, allows me to feel settled and unwind as I know I have used my week wisely and gotten done all that I need to.  I have found that if I effectively list out my needs and use my time wisely to do what I need to do, then I have plenty of time to add in my extracurricular activities.  A movie here, a spa appointment there.  My question to you this week is, are you planning your days effectively, are you using your time wisely?  What are some ways you can be better steward over your time?

“He who fails to plan, plans to fail.” – Unknown

It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan. – Eleanor Roosevelt


You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win. – Zig Ziglar





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