The Guest List

15 07 2011

The absolute most important part of your House Warming Party is who you invite; yes it is the guest list.   Why is this so important?   As you are becoming this new person, you have got to surround yourself with people that will keep you moving in this positive direction and yes this all starts with the very first moment you emerge as your new self. So if we think about this from a party aspect, the wrong group of folks together in a room could be a call for DRAMA!!!   I know I don’t want my life to play out like an episode of Basketball Wives or the Housewives of Atlanta with all of their DRAMA!   You all know what I am talking about, this one does not like that one and this one is talking behind the others back.  Or they are talking about YOU!!!!!  The decision of who to include on your guest list arises if there are guests at the party who just like to cause drama and do not get along with folks. Sure you can be friends with everyone but you have got to be careful what negativity you allow to be stirred up around you!  This can put you in a difficult position when creating the guest list and who wants to have to go through all of that!!!  Furthermore, this drama does not just occur at the party, it will leak out in to everyday life! 

For me, my parties are now small gatherings so I have a very limited number of guests that are always invited.  Just like my mother used to always say, the older you get, the smaller your circle of friend are and now I total understand what she means. This is important because the folks that you invite into your new home will either lift up your changes and bring you gifts (or what I like to call deposits) that will further enhance the work you have done or they will come with their negative comments or negative energy, (this is what I like to call withdrawals) and in so doing impede on your progress.   So it is this simple, who in your life is making positive deposits or negative withdrawals?  After all, all your friends really should….

 As iron sharpens iron, so a woman sharpens the countenance of her friend.” – Proverbs 27:17

You must invite folks to your party or to be a part of your life that will pull you into your strongest self rather than choosing folks that will hold you back from being your best! So ladies, pull out that pen and think about the folks you would invite to your Housewarming Party  or to become a guest at the party we call life!  Who my you need to permanently delete from your guest list?

  Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher. –Oprah

 “Friendship improves happiness, and abates misery, by doubling our joy, and dividing our grief.” –Joseph Addison

 “Friendship is the only rose without thorns.”  – Unknown

 “Our friendship, like God’s love, is a true, honest, and everlasting blessing”
-Sent in by Kristen LeeAnn




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