Don’t Fall off the Wagon!

20 10 2011

Once we all get to this part of the year, we are well beyond our new year’s resolutions or the goals we set for 2011. Where are you with the goals you set for yourself for this year?  That new business you wanted to start, losing that extra weight or letting go of that dead weight (you know that bad relationship)? Some of us have found it easy to stay on track with our goals and some of us have had a hard time. As the saying goes, old habits die hard!  One of the keys I have found to staying on target with your goals is to pay attention to the emotions that are attached to your old habits. Knowing your triggers or what causes you to fall back into old behavior that changes your motivation to reach your goal into permission to lose focus, can help you turn the tide and stay on track.   Taping into how you feel in the moment that you lose your focus can be the key toward the successful realization of your goal, ambition or aspiration.   Here are a few things that can help;

  1. Write Down Why.  Write down why you set these new goals for yourself in the first place.  Why did you want to start a new business, why did you want to lose that extra weight or let go of that dead weight.  I suggest you write this as one word answers and put these words on a poster board so that you can hang it up in an area you go to often.  You can also add pictures that symbolize these words or goals.  I call this a motivation board and some call it a vision board, either way you look at, this will help you keep your eyes on your goals – keep your eyes on the prize!
  2. Keep a journal. Writing out your feelings can help you to get connected with how you are being thrown off of your goals. Take a moment and reflect on your mood or state of mind for the day especially when you are having one of your moments when you are having a hard time staying focused on your goals.  This will help you begin to understand what emotional triggers you to lose focus.  As you do you can begin to reflect on how to combat these emotional triggers so that you can stay the course and meet your goals.  
  3. Be the little engine that could! Anything we want to accomplish in life we have got to stay in a positive frame of mind to get there. Even when we don’t feel like it we MUST speak life into every situation.  This starts with positive self-talk.  Sometimes you may have to say to yourself over and over again, I think I can, I think I can.  NO NO! Don’t let a hater infiltrate your positivity and plant a negative thought in your head, be prepared to shake it off and say I think I can, YES I CAN!  Fight to keep your happy assurance that you can do and will do this goal you have set for yourself.   For if you can believe it, you can achieve it!

No matter where you are with your goals, take a moment and renew your mind and get yourself in a position to move positively in the direction of all your dreams.  Which means you tap into your emotional triggers and no longer allow yourself to fall off the wagon that is moving you in the direction of your goals!

Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement. -Brian Tracy

 “There is no achievement without goals.” – Robert J. McKaine

 Goals in writing are dreams with deadlines. – Brian Tracy

 “People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going.” Earl Nightingale




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3 11 2011

Thank you again for a timely message

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