Tomorrow Isn’t Promised

10 11 2011

On Wednesday morning as I was getting dressed, I heard the news that rapper, Heavy D was dead!  Dead!!!  I couldn’t believe it!  Hearing this news, gave me a moment of pause as I began to feel sad and heartbroken!  I was feeling discouraged because I just saw Heavy perform on the BET Awards not even a month ago and after seeing him, I was newly excited about the possibility of him having a comeback.  In that moment of disappointment on Wednesday morning, I also found myself thinking of Michael Jackson and his untimely death.  Thinking about both Heavy D and MJ reminded me that tomorrow isn’t promised.  Think about it, do you think Heavy D woke up on Tuesday morning and said, “hmmmm, I think I might die today.”  I hate to be so morbid but this has really made me wonder how many of us stop to think that this COULD be our last day, our last moment!  If that was the case, what would you do differently today knowing that you have reached the end of your stay?  For me, this feeling has made me feel even more urgent about getting my goals accomplished.  It has heightened my since of purpose and renewed my vision.   It reminds me to wake up every morning and LIVE for today.   As the famous saying goes,

 Yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery so live for today. – Unknown

So in the spirit of living for today, here are 4 keys to stay focused on the present;

  1. Let Go of the PastWhat does past mean, that it is over right? So learn the lessons from what lies behind you and leave it there….BEHIND YOU.
  2. Take Time to PlanStop and write out goals for yourself to achieve.  What good are all your desires if you just keep them in your head and you never sit down long enough to plan out how you will get there.  Get them out of your head and put them on paper.,…yes MAKE YOUR VISION PLAIN so you can see what you are working toward and how you will accomplish it.
  3. Keep in Mind Plans Can Change.  As you reach a milestone or two, your next mountain to climb may look different then you planned and that is OK, just alter your plan accordingly and keep it moving.  Don’t give up because things aren’t working exactly as you planned them.   We all must learn to roll with the punches.  
  4. Face Each Day as a Gift.  Realize that you have 24 hours in any given day, don’t take those hours for granted and use them to the best of your ability in order to move in the direction of your plan, your dreams.

Here’s another question for you, when you leave this earth how do you want to be remembered? Whatever that answer is for you, it’s time to work toward your dream, your goals and make them happen.  It’s time to stop putting things off. 



Live for today and live every moment working toward being ALL you were meant to be.  Live in celebration of the gift of life that was given to you TODAY!

 There are a million ways to lose a work day, but not even a single way to get one back.” ~Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister

 The best way to get something done is to begin. ~Unknown

 Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.” ~Unknown




One response

11 11 2011

Thank you so much for this as well. I was checking FB, when I came across R.I.P. Signs for Heavy D. Immediately, I was shocked, so I found his twitter page and there I saw a tweet he(heavy-d) had made about someone who had passed a day before he passed. It was sort of scary to see. ( he died next day).

You really just dont know. Thank you f

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