Thank YOU for Thanksgiving!

23 11 2011

Every year as I prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, I stop to think about all the things I am thankful for.  Now while I am thankful for my friends and family for who they are and how they bless my life, I realized that I don’t stop and think about how thankful I am to be ME. Do you stop and think about all the great things you are?  Do you stop and look at what your gift is and thank God that He gifted it to you?  I know it’s so easy for us to focus on what we are not.  Like gee, if I can just lose 10 more pounds, or if I could just land that dream job, instead of taking the time to look at all the great things about where you are right now or who you are already!  This year for Thanksgiving I want to challenge each of us, including me, to think about all the positives we have going for ourselves RIGHT NOW and thank God for where we each are in this moment.  After all as we come to the next holiday, Christmas, we will be looking for presents under the tree right? So what greater gift is their then the present…TODAY!  So what are you GREAT at?  What is wonderful about you right now?  We all must take a moment to focus on positive and take our minds off of what is not going right in our lives. After all there is no such thing as a perfect life!  So this Thanksgiving let’s each stop and look for the good and be thankful!  Yes stop and thank YOU for Thanksgiving!


I may not be where I want to be but I am thankful for not being where I used to be. – Unknown

 Be thankful for your trials.  If you’re being tested, you’re being perfected.  Which means you have a divine purpose & reason to rejoice! – Unknown

 Leaving yesterdays troubles behind me & being thankful for the gift of today! – Unknown




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